Belgrade, 24 May 2009 - "The Royal Wine Challenge" was held today at the Royal Palace in Belgrade. Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II, Crown Princess Katherine and Princesses Natalia and Irene Strozzi from Toscana hosted the Reception. This was also a wonderful occasion for the rose exhibition organized by The Royal Rose Society which is under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander, as well as for annual gathering of the Royal Warrants.

From May 16 to May 18, three judging committees of best European and Serbian sommeliers evaluated 330 samples of wine from 15 European countries at the White Palace.

Wines were from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Spain. The Serbian wines were 35% of the participation, which emphasizes the international aspect of this competition.

On the score board from 1 to 100, implementing the OIV (International Organization of Wine and Vine) method, wines were evaluated in six categories (white dry wines, rose wines dry and semi-dry, red wines, sparkling wines, desert wines and special and enriched wines).

Speeches were delivered by: HRH Crown Prince Alexander II, Princesses Natalia and Irina Strozzi, Mrs. Vida Dzagic, Deputy President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Gvozden Radenkovic, President of the Vineyard-Growers and Wine Producers Association of Serbia, Mr. Milijan Jelic, in front of the Royal Wine Challenge Team and Mrs. Barbara Tamburini, one of the judges at this competition.

In his speech the Crown Prince emphasized: "It is a great pleasure for my wife and I to welcome you all to the Royal Palace for the Royal Wine Night, final celebration of the Royal Wine Challenge. This international competition is very important for Serbian wine manufactures, development of their business, networking with colleagues for all around the world and at the same time for the economic growth in Serbia. I really hope that this event will give the opportunity for Serbian wine producers to be recognized across the world, and I wish you much success in future".

The Crown Prince awarded Mr. Milijan Jelic, owner of Winery Jelic with the title of Royal Warrant.

The official results announcement and champions ceremony were organized within the "The Royal Wine Night".

Regarding the results (scores won), wines won bronze, silver, gold and premium gold medals, while the best wine in each category won a special award.

The Special Championships Medal in the Category of dry white wines - Terroir la Cra - Macon Ige 2006, Domaine Fichet (France), in the Category of sparkling wines - Zlatna penina, Radgonske Gorice (Slovenia), in the Category of red wines - Premium Reserva 2001, Valduero (Spain), in the Category of desert wines - Chardonnay 2007, BODREN (Croatia), and in the Category of special and fortified wines - Bermet, Vinarija Aleks (Serbia)

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